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Talk with eminent scientists and artists and share their passion! The Festival’s mornings are devoted to meeting with famous intellectuals, who in an informal setting of a breakfast speak about their work and hobbies. Renowned Polish scientists and artists share their projects and visions. And sometimes… it gets even more exciting, when a Master visits us together with an equally famous Student.


The Universe, science and culture through the prism of art. The Festival’s concerts and exhibitions are more than great music and intriguing artworks: they come hand in hand with popular science lectures and panel discussions.


Arguments are good for you! Especially in matters so profound and complicated The evening debates are devoted to discussing the most intriguing problems connected to the Festival’s main theme. We venture to look at them from various perspectives, and in particular from the viewpoint of science. Through engaging specialists in different fields, we attempt to answer profound questions pertaining to various aspects of reality.


How do fairytales and children books look in the eyes of a young scientist? The meetings with children are devoted to uncovering philosophical and scientific problems in famous fairytales. The laws of physics may be considered through Alice’s adventures in the Wonderland, personalities discussed on the example of characters from the Moominland, while animal communication is best addressed together with Doctor Doolittle.


Inventions and new technologies may facilitate our lives, but they also constitute great intellectual challenges! Interactive presentations of the new technologies and inventions let us realise, how the contemporary science influences the world, and in particular art, literature and music.


An intellectual feast every evening The main lectures of the Copernicus Festival are delivered by the world leading scientists. They help us to consider the main topic of the Festival from the perspective of different scientific disciplines: biology, neuroscience, physics, mathematics, economics… Every year, one of the lectures is devoted to the memory of the great Polish science-fiction writer and essayist, Stanisław Lem, who had the most profound understanding of the relationship between science and literature.


What can you learn from the masters of cinema? The evening movie screenings, which take place in Krakow’s independent cinemas, are an opportunity to watch the masterpieces of the world’s cinematography connected to the main theme of the Festival.


Science influencing senses and imagination Percetpio gives us an insight into the mutual relations between science and other areas of culture: art, music, literature, sport, politics and cuisine.


Reading lessons are organised for high school students. They constitute an opportunity to talk about science with scientists and authors of popular science books. Each lesson pertains to a fragment of a popular science book read in advance by the participants.


Science in action and more! Meetings with specialists, who show how actual science is done, but also literary, culinary, artistic, and other workshops.

O Copernicus Festival

Festiwal naukowo-kulturalny Copernicus współtworzą Centrum Kopernika Badań Interdyscyplinarnych Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Fundacja Centrum Kopernika, Fundacja Tygodnika Powszechnego oraz wydawca „Tygodnika Powszechnego”. Cele festiwalu to popularyzacja nauki i filozofii, wyjaśnianie ich wpływu na życie społeczne oraz pokazywanie różnorodnych relacji między nimi a innymi dziedzinami kultury, w tym literaturą i sztuką. Copernicus Festival odbywa się od 2014 r. przy wsparciu Miasta Krakowa i licznego grona Partnerów.

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